The Snapchat Spectacles, now in Amazon

If you are one of those who was excited to know that the Snapchat Spectacles glasses arrived in Spain but you could not approach the Snapbot in Barcelona to get you with some, the following news will charm you. The social network has decided to eliminate that feature of their glasses to be commercialized ephemerally, from now on will be sold on a regular basis.

This novelty, which comes after we also know that the Spectacles are now submersible, has been possible thanks to the agreement reached with Amazon. The American distribution giant will now be in charge of selling Snapchat sunglasses.

Amazon will sell the Spectacles

The truth is that this gadget comes to be one of the best creations that we have seen related to social networks. Thanks to its fashionable design (imitating the cat’s eye style) and the strategic incorporation of the on-board camera, the Snapchat glasses could not continue to be a temporary sale object for much longer.


As we say, the built-in camera allows users to make videos with a more than interesting perspective, and the best thing is that thanks to the sync with the app, creations can be quickly shared in networks.

Perhaps the only one that we can attribute to the successful Snapchat gadget is its price, although this feature will also depend on how or how users get their sunglasses.

If we are heading to Amazon Spain right now, we will find the glasses in stock and ready for purchase. That yes, for now only commercialize in black (there are also a version in red and another in turquoise) and for a price of 180 euros.

We talk about a price that is not suitable for all budgets, but above all we speak of a price that differs a lot with the $ 130 for which the Spectacles can be purchased at Amazon USA, as indicated in SlashGear. From here, it will be the user who decides how and when to get the object of desire, the important thing is that finding them for sale has ceased to be a secret mission.


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