UK wants to prevent under-18s from entering pornographic pages

By all is known the saying that the Internet is made for porn, alluding to the simplest instincts of many people. However, if you are a minor in UK maybe this saying will not be possible from next April.


From April 2018 every pornographic web that operates in the United Kingdom will have to cooperate with the authorities so that erotic content can not be easily seen. The objective they claim from the government is that they want to avoid exposing children to such content, which causes many arch an eyebrow knowing there will always be someone who can evade.

No porn that can consume minors

On the method to verify the age they have assured that they are investigating it, but they study that all the visits from UK must be verified by the introduction of a credit card although the content could be free.

This leaves many doubts, because nothing ensures that they will not steal card data, that whoever introduces it is actually the owner or that no charges are made. At the moment it is a suggestion and are looking at other options easier to face to implement this age verification to which it is easy to predict a sonorous failure.


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