Disney prepares a Star Wars hotel where they want every client to have a narrative story

Has given great news in the D-23 this weekend with an announcement to further exploit the Star Wars franchise. This time it is a hotel that is sure to be the destination for all fans of the saga, as it will be completely thematic and almost inspired by West world, to draw a comparison.


In this hotel absolutely all the employees will make of characters of the series, with the addition of that each guest will have a history. Disney claims that it will be possible for this story to reach each and every minute of the stay, so best not to go if we want a place where we are going to spend the night and already, it will be a kind of Star Wars gymkana .

Disney prepares a Star Wars hotel

The hotel will have a whole aesthetics of spaceship, unlike a planet as many speculate. Even so all the spaces will be thematic but it is noticeable that in the windows we will not see the outside, but only that will be seen images of the space for a greater immersion.

Obviously not a hotel to use, thought more for an active holiday or a weekend retreat in Star Wars fan group. The plans only add that it will be for Walt Disney World in Florida, with no data on when it will open to the public.


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