China censors Winnie the Pooh of the Internet for its resemblance to President Xi Jinping

The Great Firewall of China returns to act, but this time, its victim is not a technological giant like Facebook, Facebook or Twitter, and fortunately, this time the censorship did not last more than a day. Winnie the Pooh was hidden from the Chinese Internet after Chinese citizens used memes to make comparisons between Chinese President Xi Jinping and the honey-loving bear.


The funny memes that the authorities questioned have become viral on the World Wide Web and include an awkward handshake between Xi and Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe or the image above that he walks along with Barack Obama.

The ban mainly applies to messages on Weibo, a popular platform that is considered the country’s Twitter version. The Pooh images were deleted and comments with the Chinese character name show an error message.

Censorship in China to avoid memes

After a day he changed his mind about censoring Pooh on the Internet and his photos eventually returned to Weibo. Chinese netizens pointed out that it appeared that the ban had been effectively eliminated in anticipation of a congress of the Chinese Communist Party. The measure may seem strange to non-Chinese citizens, but the country is no stranger to blocking any message it deems disrespectful of the government, which includes all kinds of memes.


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