Amazon would be preparing ingredient packs to compete in the Blue Apron sector.

Amazon will not leave a single sector of eCommerce without holes, at least if what can be intuited from trademark registrations is true. In June of this year Amazon registered a series of 110 slogans and derivatives for a service that would directly compete with Blue Apron in the ready-to-cook packaged ingredients sector.00001_small10

For those who do not know, Blue Apron has been partnering with dozens of content producers to promote themselves and offers a series of dishes for each person to prepare them for himself. They simply send the ingredients in fair amounts for those who are going to eat next to the cooking instructions, allowing you to remove having to go to the store or even prepare a balanced menu.

Amazon wants to be the new supermarket

Amazon is preparing to do exactly the same. Blue Apron, however, when it went public, he noticed a noticeable drop in the price of his shares and his valuation, causing him to reach minimums since his departure. Amazon would have to its advantage the ability to ship on the same day that gives Prime customers, a huge logistics advantage compared to Blue Apron.

Food shopping is still somewhat poor in online commerce, with not too many people using these services because of the costs. The people who use it most are people around the age of 30 with jobs that take away a lot of time and these services help them to compensate for the time to go to the store and think about the menu and that cooking does not cause them so much trouble.


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