Amazon prepares its own instant messaging service

Messaging apps dominate the lists of the most downloaded apps in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Despite having dozens of different applications in the category, many of them have managed to bring together millions of users. Now everything points to Amazon as a potential agent in this sector as it seems to be working on its own autonomous messaging application called Anytime.00001_small9

Amazon has begun to send surveys about a new messaging service to assess which features are most important to users. It is not entirely clear to what extent the new service exists as the final product, but one customer said that the survey seemed to imply that it was a clever product for the most part.

Based on the images that have been provided, Anytime by Amazon seems to be a full featured service that could even compete with social networks. The focus seems to be instant messaging, which includes voice and video call services, but also mention photo sharing with mentions, as well as filters for photos and videos with ‘special effects and masks’.

Amazon prepares its own chat for users

The service aims to keep chats private and allow users to ‘encrypt important messages like bank account data’. This is especially important because the service will also allow users to chat with companies, make reservations and make purchases.

The biggest obstacle to any new messaging service and something that is often said when dealing with social applications is getting people to use it. Not a lot of use a messaging application if at the end no one you know uses it.


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