What changes can we see about the Amazon Echo 2?

Home speakers with built-in assistant are one of the most booming products expected in the coming months. So far, the Amazon Echo has been one of the most sought after terminals in this sector, thanks mainly to the fact that Assistant Alexa grows at an uncontested pace, but in the company chaired by Jeff Bezos know that soon the number of competitors in the market Will grow exponentially, and that is why they are already preparing the Amazon Echo 2.

The idea is that the new smart speaker is presented in the fall season, is expected to have a slimmer and elegant design and incorporate substantial improvements. After all, the new Amazon Echo 2 will come to renew a product that already has two years behind its back, and we know that in the world of technology two years can be an eternity.

Improvements aboard the Amazon Echo 2

A lot is being talked about and rumored about the changes we will see in the new version of the speaker, although one of the improvements that seems assured is the reproduction of the sound. As indicated in Techradar, this improvement will be possible thanks to a change in the design, which will become more round and very similar to that seen in the Apple HomePod, and also a modification of the construction material.


It strikes us as, despite its recent appearance in society, the Apple loudspeaker is already catching the attention of all its rivals in the market. Microsoft’s alternative to fight with Amazon Echo shows that the options in the market are broad, but it could be ensured that Amazon only see Apple and Google as the main rivals for the future of its Echo 2.

Although the real importance of all this is that companies get to work to offer better products that offer better experiences. In this sense, it is also expected that the Echo 2 will implement better microphones, which will facilitate interaction with the user through voice commands.

If all goes according to plan, the Amazon Echo 2 will hit the market sometime in the third quarter of the year. The release date has been pointed out by some as a strategic date to get ahead of the marketing of the HomePod, although the price that finally has the device could contradict that theory.

Different price levels

And is that the HomePod will have a starting price of 349 dollars (it is still to see the price and date of commercialization in Spain, while the Amazon Echo has a price of 180. For many this characteristic marks that we talk about two products That play in different leagues, however much the characteristics or possibilities share a lot in common.At the end it is the market that shows the tastes and the perception of the consumers, reason why is to think that the time will be who will tell us if we speak Of direct rivals or creations of different range.The best of all is that we will not have to wait too long to see the Amazon Echo 2 in action.

We must also be attentive to the movements of the main rivals. Hopefully Google Home also incorporates updates and enhancements so as not to fall behind, and who knows if Microsoft will also implement some interesting proposal? What we find curious and significant is that in this ‘new market’ continue to appear as main options technology companies always, that is, companies that have the strongest options in other markets in the technology sector.


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