2017: Microsoft will not give a conference, yes it will be present

Microsoft has unveiled its new console Xbox One X, the most powerful in the world. We have also seen the first games of the catalog and its internal features, we have even had the presence and conference of Phil Spencer at this year’s E3. The question is, are all the new features that the new Microsoft console available to us?

The question comes to mind because the company based in Redmond comes to announce that it will be present at the Gamescom event, a new meeting of the video games sector held in Germany, but it could be said that its presence will have a rather decaffeinated character.

Microsoft at Gamescom 2017

Knowing that Microsoft and its Xbox division will be present in Cologne is synonymous that the brand will make the convenient promotion of its Xbox brand and video games. The inconvenience appears to know that Microsoft does not plan to offer any conference about it, something that could be synonymous that we will not know any great novelty around the Xbox One X.


It seems that on this occasion fans of the brand will have to comply with a special issue that will be made public on August 20 from 21:00 local time. In this broadcast fans will have access to some interviews and, above all, new game plays, although as we have already anticipated, it is to be hoped that no major new features will appear.

Although all this is undesirable to the event for Xbox fans, it should not be forgotten that those who attend the Games com 2017 can count on the possibility of playing 27 titles of the brand, among which will be the long awaited Forza Motorsport 7 , As confirmed in BeGeek.

We will continue to look forward to hearing about the Xbox One X console, which has already been unveiled as the most powerful machine seen to date. Its processor of 6 teraflops frequency accompanied by a memory of 12GB GDDR5 promise to offer new levels of graphics and fluidity. The conclusion to all this hype will arrive on November 7 with the sale of the console.


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