Facebook implements animated GIFs on camera

The consolidation of GIF in our digital society has reached the hands of Facebook. The social network of Zuckerberg has decided to get down to work and make it easier for users to produce a GIF is as simple as activating the camera of their mobile device.

GIFs made in Facebook

And is that anyone who handles minimally in the environment of social networks or messaging applications, will know that GIFs have gained a significant weight in recent times. It is no longer just a matter of introducing something funny into the conversation, but also of its ability to complete our capacity for expression.

For all this, the social network created by Mark Zuckerberg is testing a new tool that will allow you to create them directly from the camera built into your mobile application. According to Engadget, the novelty has been detected by certain users of the social app, yes, all users of the iOS system.


As we are accustomed to Facebook, it seems likely that only a small number of users can currently access this function. Once it is verified that it has no errors and that the welcome by the public is good, it will expand the range to all users, whether they have iOS or Android mobile system.

To create these new GIFs simply access the camera application (located in the upper left of the application) and slide to the right. GIFs that can be created currently last only a few seconds, and you can also apply different filters and frames.

Of course, in Facebook at the moment do not want to share their creations with the digital world, so that the animations created under this method can only be shared in the Stories of the app or posted on the wall users.

It seems fair to say that the new possibility is still in the making, that is, its possibilities are still quite limited. The normal thing is that with the passage of the days they are implementing improvements and the new property acquires the sufficient packaging like to gain diffusion.


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