Implemented in WhatsApp the possibility to send any file

The latest WhatsApp update incorporates the ability to send files of any type.

The WhatsApp messaging application has already been immersed in the dynamics of proposing novelties for its users. Some of these proposals may seem to be unnecessary, such as group descriptions, but there are also other novelties that have long been well demanded by users.

We are referring to the possibility of sharing all types of files from any platform, a novelty announced a few weeks ago and now is a reality incorporated into the mobile application.

The new possibilities of WhatsApp

With the new update we have tried to offer a new possibility to users of WhatsApp, but also the line has been followed to offer a messaging app easier to use. Following this idea of ​​simplicity, users will now have a new gallery for viewing images and photos.


The new WhatsApp image gallery will display only 5 images by navigating the total uploaded files. As indicated in Engadget, this will improve the interface and, above all, give greater control to the user when locating the snapshot or videos at the desired time.

The last important point of the new update of the app is that it was finished that of compressing the photos sent through it. This is important because it gives us the possibility to send photos without loss of quality, which will avoid having to look for other shipping methods or alternative methods, as we have done so far.

The truth is that it was annoying to send pictures with the consequent loss of quality that comes with compression. Being able to keep photos with the same quality as the original file will be an advantage for all WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp takes strength against its rivals

At this point we must recognize the effort they are making from WhatsApp to offer a more complete application. We probably still can not talk about the most useful messaging app on the market, but we can talk about a great range of functions that, coupled with the almost universal number of users, make it a strong queen of the sector.


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