New Oculus Virtual Reality Device for 2018

Agreement between Facebook and Oculus to market in 2018 a new Virtual Reality device.

Facebook is not only one of the most important social networks in the current scenario, it is also a company capable of offering products in all sectors of the technological range. This is how they believe in the company and will demonstrate this with the fruit of their new collaboration with Oculus.

Both companies have signed a collaboration agreement to launch a new Virtual Reality device that is capable of operating independently, without having to be paired with a mobile phone or any other electronic device.

Facebook’s Virtual Reality

The first news coming out about this new device reveals that it will be announced by the companies at the end of this year, with a view to starting its commercialisation in 2018. We speak of a worldwide launch and commercialisation under the name of Oculus, Although China will be a territory of exception.


According to TechCrunch, this new Virtual Reality device will see the light in the east under the seal of Xiaomi, and will also include software of the Chinese brand. An exception that is probably justified by the high percentage of users that can provide the mentioned country, territory where in addition the local brands usually count more easily with the confidence of the public.

The new device of Virtual Reality will be wireless and will have the provisional name of ‘Pacific’, in addition its price will be around $ 200. An affordable price is not only important when counting on a competitive product, it is also synonymous with how much the exponential public can acquire the product and approach the technology of Virtual Reality, something that is achieved if the user sees the product as fit for Your pocket and your surroundings.

One more step on the way

The collaboration with Facebook only means for Oculus another step in its development strategy. The company does not forget Oculus Rift and will continue to develop its device while collaborating with other companies, the idea has always been that the Virtual Reality get diffusion among the general public and get it as soon as possible.


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